The best lawyer in the world is the one that is able to diagnose a problem and offer effective, flexible, and real solutions.

Leticia Hernández Méndez. Managing Partner at LHM LEGAL.

A graduate of Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, Leticia began her professional journey at some of the most prestigious law offices, such as URÍA MENÉNDEZ, which was when she began to forge an extensive career path that has allowed her to defend numerous cases which required careful prior study and a detailed approach, before the courts and always with great success, due to the complexity of the strategies undertaken.

Currently, and as the founder of LHM Legal, she establishes the bases of her law office, with a clear and well-defined mission: maximum transparency and professionalism, providing the fullest defence and counsel to citizens and businesspeople.

Being an expert litigator, she properly prepares each case to solve the most common problems for businesses and private clients.

About us

LHM LEGAL was founded in Madrid in 2015, in order to preserve, defend, and re-establish the rights of our clients, whilst always respecting the maximum standards of quality, preparation, and strategies orientated towards results. We customise our service according to your interests and treat your requests with a certain flexibility, at a reasonable price.

Our firm offers an added value to both private clients and businesses based on expert counsel and ensuring your peace of mind knowing that your defence is always in the hands of a highly-qualified team of professionals.

Furthermore, the network of professionals that we have carefully created allows us every day to provide you with a quick and effective service, which is perfectly adapted to the needs of all of our clients. Solicitors, notary publics, judicial experts, and private detectives; each and every one of us has the unique aim of satisfying your demands quickly, safely, and effectively.

Our values define us

Personalised treatment

We do not just adapt to the specific needs of each client, but we also assign the appropriate team and use the resources that the current circumstance requires. We are personal and flexible!

High Specialisation

The career path formerly mentioned attests to our expertise in the fields that we deal with, this, in combination with the exhaustive professional performance which we engage in, allows us to distinguish ourselves from the rest, offering you a unique and authentic service. We will exceed your expectations!

Excellence and Results

The needs of our clients are our priority. We take maximum care and carry out the maximum preparation that each case requires with resolution-based decisions with allow us to reach full satisfaction of our clients. Dedication and loyalty!

Professional Integrity

We fully disclose our work and abide to a strict code of ethics. We understand that the only way to solve your problems is through the honesty that we offer you upon studying and consulting your case. Real solutions, for real needs!

Effectiveness and Efficiency

As every case is different, so is its solution. That is why our consultations are adapted to each specific client so that it can be adjusted to their concerns and so we are able to provide them with the best possible service. Premium consulting at a reasonable price!

Why choose LHM Legal

Because we offer you full, personalised, and totally flexible counsel based on anticipated success.

Because we objectively take on your time constraints, respect the deadlines, and act in the right moment.

Because we guarantee you the peace of mind by knowing that your defence is in the hands of a true professional expert.

Collaborators/ Partners

At LHM Legal, we offer you a special and personalised treatment. For us, it is essential to attend the demands of our clients, and in order to do that, we count on a network of professionals who allow us to provide full counsel in each case.

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