The tranquility of a good defence


Administrative Law

We facilitate the relationship between the Administration and the companies to guarantee the interests of our clients.

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Regulated sectors and special properties

The Spanish legal system is very changing and varied; we must be aware of the changes that occur at the European Union, State and Autonomous Community levels.

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Competition law

We guarantee the defense of our clients against dishonorable practices of their competitors.

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LHM LEGAL was founded in Madrid in 2015, with the aim of SMEs withhighly specialised advice on complex matters, with the aim of making the difficult easy, because we believe that our clients deserve a tailor-made suit to address their legal needs.

Specialized legal advice on complex matters

We know that being an entrepreneur is complicated, and we want to accompany you, so that you have legal advice that is that is commensurate with your problems and the solutions of the big ones at a reasonable cost.

We focus on prevention, our extensive knowledge of sector regulations allows us to provide effective advice to SMEs and investors, both Spanish and foreign, and we have extensive experience in negotiated judicial and arbitration dispute resolution.

Knowing the regulations that affect them, adapting quickly to regulatory changes, anticipating change, gives our clients the security of permanence in the market, and helps them to achieve success in what they set out to do.

We are a different kind of law firm, because we understand that no two clients are the same and no two problems are the same.

We advise clients from all over Spain.


Leticia Hernández Méndez is a lawyer with extensive experience and solvency in the field of Administrative Law and Regulated Sectors, and extensive experience in contentious-administrative, civil and commercial litigation, as well as in dealing with complex negotiations.

The team she leads, composed of lawyers and technicians, will provide you with the best comprehensive service.

Regulated sectors and special properties

Areas of activity


Energy and Renewable Energy



Environment and circular economy


Cosmetic and pharmaceutical


Industry and innovations

Our main clients

Spanish and foreign SMEs and investors count on us to guarantee the legal viability of their projects. Our preventive and continuous advice enables them to comply with regulations and avoid conflict situations.